Through the Vine            

Greetings, and welcome to the home of the Lingonberries, we are a group of performers who love to bring smiles to the faces of children. We have been following in the footsteps of group performers for many years now, and have enjoyed success as a group dedicated to making kids lives a little brighter. We have been performing together for around ten years now, and have decided that it was time that we shared a little of our story. We’re glad that you managed to find our page, and hopefully over time will grow to understand and appreciate the efforts we put into bringing happiness to kids of all ages.

I suppose I should start from the start and where we got together. Personally, I had been a musician for quite some time, playing in small bands, making the rounds of the usual venues, schools, bars, little town events. I never really hit the big time like I thought I would when I was younger, but the experience of being able to play in front of so many people was one that I enjoyed. I had always been pretty extroverted, and enjoyed meeting new people, so it was a great way for me to get into the groove of being a performer.

It was at a show one night that I met one of my partners in the Lingonberries. He was playing in the opening act, and our band was closing. After the show the two of us wound up talking about the various musical outings that had led us to that point, and struck a friendship pretty quickly with one another. The both of us enjoyed singing, but we’re playing instruments in bands that we knew wouldn’t go anywhere. We wound up talking of future choices that would lead us to fame and riches, or at least playing to crowds larger than 50 or so on a Thursday night.

We maintained contact for a while after that, as we seemed to have pretty similar interests as one another. Through our friendship we met the third and final member of our group. The three of us wound up having a lot of conversations about things over the next few months, and when one of their nieces was having a birthday party, the sister asked if our “little group” could sing or plays some children’s songs for her party. None of us had done anything of the sort, but we thought it was a pretty good idea, and got together practicing kids songs for the next few weeks.

We performed at the party for about half an hour, but what a rush it was. The kids were so into every little thing we did, and as natural outgoing people, we were laughing and making pantomime jokes with the lyrics of the song. It was a rush that none of us had felt before, and it all came from a group of kids whom we thought would barely pay attention.

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