Since I left off, I was telling you about the birth and progress of our group, as we began to get noticed more and more locally. Shows from that point have been pulling us all over the state, and even into some neighboring areas. There’s an unfortunate lack of children’s entertainment, or venues directed at kids. I suppose the powers that be don’t see any profit in smashing piggy banks, but for us, it’s never been about the money. Even setting our rates pretty low, we have managed to make pretty good money off of what we do, enough that we can dedicate ourselves to it without having to worry about finances. We turn a lot of our profits around in these cases to benefit the groups we work with, or work for.

For instance, when we worked the show at the children’s hospital, it was at no charge, and our weekend performance after it saw 50% of our proceeds go back tot hat hospital to help with some of their expenses. We have had some great fortune in our lives, and in our group to be able to turn around and give it back to causes that help the kids on which our “empire” was built, is a true blessing. We have actively participated in more than thirty local and regional charities, and always take the time out to perform for those who need it most.

No matter the location or the venue we wind up playing in though, the magic of our show bring able to bring out the best and excitement in the kids we perform for is what drives us in everything we do. We don’t have ambition to be world wide performers. We love the idea of being relatively local, and knowing the people we’re affecting. These are individuals that we will know, and can watch grow through their lives. We will be a part of the tale that shapes their whole existence. You never know, we could influence someone who in turn follows in our footsteps and influences someone else. Whereas most performers dream of wealth and fame, these are the dreams that we have, and may be a little out there, but still it’s a good thought for us.

Whatever the future brings for us, we will know that in some small part we have touched the lives of thousands of people in the area. From the kids who love our shows, to the parents who love watching their kids have a great time. It’s a choice in life that we all live with happily. We continue on our path of entertainment, and wait for new and exciting opportunities to come up, like this one. We will always be ready with a song and a smile for whoever wants to listen. Young and old alike are the targets of our feel good message, which is to say, be happy with what you do and who you are, and you will make those around you happy as well.

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